ready or not… back we go


Right now we’re sitting in the Managua airport waiting for our flight to go back home.  I’m excited to see everyone and tell them about my experience here, but I’m sad to leave the people.  I enjoyed each day so much– going to the schools in the mountains, casa materna, the malnutrition clinic, and the special school.  I’ve been blessed to experience all of this with the people who came on this trip.  There is just something about this place that makes it hard to leave– I think it’s the people.  For the most part, they are simple people with welcoming arms and huge hearts.  The thought of going back to class in 3 days is horrible.  But now more than ever, I realize how blessed I am to receive the education that I have been offered. 

Jinotega has been an experience that will always stay with me.  It’s been a trip that hasn’t just effected me, but has bettered me for His service.

God Bless.


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a trip to Matagalpa


Today a group of us took a trip to a malnutrition center in Matagalpa (about 45 minutes from Jinotega).  They are a center that takes in children from the community that have been malnourished.  All the children are small in size for their age, some drastically small.  I was able to spend my time with a sweet girl who was 9 months old.  She was small for her age but she had the most precious smile.  Bless hre heart, she was sick today.  They weren’t sure with what, but she had a fever.  Even though she was sick, she was still so good… never once did she cry.  We were only there for about an hour, but I became so attached to her– it was hard to leave.

Today has been my last day in Jinotega– at least for this trip.

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otros ojos


Today a group of us went to Escuela de Especial.  It is a quaint school just a few blocks from the Mision, tucked behind a gate.  The school has a courtyard at the center of it and classrooms all around the edges.  The manager of the school showed us around the school  introducing us to every class. There was a class for each disability and age group. 

One class we entered changed my heart in a very big way.  We had just walked in the door, and before I had even looked up from the floor the children were showering us with hugs and kisses.  They were overflowing with joy—an outpouring of hugs and kisses from each child.  It’s hard to find that pure joy—contagious joy.

In my eyes, with my perspective of where I have come from, I see every reason for them to not be joyous.  They are living in one of the most poverty stricken places in the world and they have a disability that they did nothing to receive.  But they see every reason to be joyous.  Through their eyes, they are blessed to be in school, they had visitors today that came to see them, and that thrilled their heart. 

To see through the eyes of a child at the Escuela de Especial would change me.  Wouldn’t it change us all, to see through their eyes?  When we look at someone through our eyes, our vision is clouded by our perceptions and misconceptions.  But when we look through their eyes, we see them—who they really are.  

Where can someone else’s eyes take you? Today, they brought me closer to pure, unclouded joy.


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from Managua to Jinotega

These entries are coming a little late… but they are coming.


I’ve never been outside of the country, so this trip brings about a lot of new things for me.  We arrived in Managua last night, but we were only in the airport and the hotel.  So today, is my first time to see Nicaragua.  It’s seeing that is interesting.  We see things, but we see them through our tainted vision. Today I saw Managua through my American eyes, through the eyes that have taught me and trained me what is acceptable and what is simply not.  But I’m not in America now, I want to see through the eyes of those who live here—

 I want to see what they see.

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